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void TastyMenu::about (  ) [virtual]

Is called when the user selects "About" from the applets RMB menu. Reimplement this function to launch a about dialog.

Note that this is called only when your applet supports the About action. See Action and KPanelApplet().

Definition at line 181 of file tastymenu.cpp.

  KAboutData data("tastymenu",
                  I18N_NOOP("Tasty Menu"),
                  I18N_NOOP("KMenu replacement"),
                  "(c) 2006-2007, Marco Martin",0,0,"mart@notmart.org");

  data.addAuthor("Marco Martin",

  data.setTranslator(I18N_NOOP("_: NAME OF TRANSLATORS\\nYour names")
               ,I18N_NOOP("_: EMAIL OF TRANSLATORS\\nYour emails"));

  data.addCredit("Yurkovsky Andrey",
                  I18N_NOOP("For the Russian translation"),
  data.addCredit("Jannick Kuhr",
                  I18N_NOOP("For the German translation"),
  data.addCredit("Jesús S Fernández Prieto (xgoan)",
                  I18N_NOOP("For the Spanish translation"),
  data.addCredit("Motsyo Vitaliy",
                  I18N_NOOP("For the Ukrainian translation"),
  data.addCredit("Laurent Hilsz",
                  I18N_NOOP("For the French translation"),
  data.addCredit("Tommi Nieminen",
                  I18N_NOOP("For the Finnish translation"),
  data.addCredit("Matija Šuklje",
                  I18N_NOOP("For the Slovenian translation"),
  data.addCredit("Tomasz Argasiński",
                  I18N_NOOP("For the Polish translation"),
  data.addCredit("Ewerton de A. Dutra"
                  I18N_NOOP("For the Polish translation"),

  data.addCredit("Oswald Buddenhagen and Stephan Kulow",
                  I18N_NOOP("For the Switch user code from KDM"),
                  "ossi@kde.org and coolo@kde.org");

  data.addCredit("The whole KBFX team",
                 I18N_NOOP("For some inspirations here and there."),

  data.addCredit("Seb Ruiz",
                 I18N_NOOP("For some code taken from Amarok's statistics list view"),

  KIconLoader *iconLoader = KGlobal::iconLoader();
  data.setProgramLogo(iconLoader->loadIcon("kmenu", KIcon::Panel).convertToImage());

  KAboutApplication dialog(&data);

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