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MenuHandler Class Reference

#include <menuhandler.h>

List of all members.

Public Slots

void slotUpdateApplications ()


void hidden ()
void kickerConfChanged ()
void newApplications (int)

Public Member Functions

void clearNewInstalledApplications ()
void focusNextChild ()
void focusPrevChild ()
 MenuHandler (QWidget *parent, Prefs *prefs, char *name=0, WFlags fl=WType_TopLevel)
void popup (QPoint pos)
void readConfig ()
void updateConfig ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *o, QEvent *e)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e)

Private Types

enum  MenuMode { Favourites = 0, MoreUsed = 1, RecentlyUsed = 2, RecentDocuments = 3 }
typedef QMap< ulong, QString > RecentlyUsedMap
typedef QMap< QString,
KServiceGroup::List > 

Private Slots

void childListClicked (QListViewItem *listItem, const QPoint &coord, int c)
void clearDynList ()
void doLock ()
void doLogout ()
void doNewSession (bool lock)
void dynListClicked (QListViewItem *listItem, const QPoint &coord, int c)
void dynListElemMoved ()
void initializeRecentlyUsed ()
void initializeSearch (const QString &query)
void kerrySearch (const QString &query)
void menuModeChanged (int index)
void rootListClicked (QListViewItem *listItem, const QPoint &coord, int c)
void runDialog ()
void slotApplicationRemoved ()
void slotApplicationsAdded (const KFileItemList &newItems)
void slotContextMenu (QListViewItem *listItem, const QPoint &coord, int c)
void slotModKickerConf ()
void slotPopulateSessions ()
void slotSessionActivated (int ent)
void strigiSearch (const QString &query)
void switchWindowMode ()

Private Member Functions

void fillFavourites ()
void fillMoreUsed ()
void fillRecentDocuments ()
void fillRecentlyUsed ()
void initNewInstalledApps (KServiceGroup::Ptr group)
void initOldInstalledApps (KServiceGroup::Ptr group)
void listClicked (TastyListViewItem *listItem, const QPoint &coord)
void loadNewInstalledApps ()
void populateList (KServiceGroup *serviceGroup, TastyListView *listView, TastyListViewItem *listItemFather, bool recursive, const QString &query=NULL)
bool searchNewItems (KServiceGroup::Ptr group)
void setupColumns ()
void setupDynList (MenuMode mode)

Private Attributes

int _actionIconSize
bool _alphabetical
bool _alwaysCollapsed
QString _currentCategory
bool _displaySubText
bool _hideOneChild
int _iconSize1
int _iconSize2
int _iconSize3
bool _isNormalWindow
bool _kerryIntegration
double _menuHeight
int _menuMode
double _menuWidth
bool _newAppsNotification
int _numRecentEntries
bool _showExpander
bool _strigiIntegration
QPixmap bookMarkPix
MenuMode currentMenuMode
QStringList favouriteList
int firstListing
KIconLoader * iconLoader
KConfig * kickerConf
KDirWatch * kickerConfWatch
Menu * menu
QVBoxLayout * MenuHandlerLayout
QStringList moreUsedList
QStringList newInstalledList
QValueList< int > newInstalledTimeStamps
QStringList oldInstalledList
Prefs * prefSkel
RecentlyUsedMap recentlyUsedMap
bool searchMode
QPopupMenu * sessionsMenu
SListMap sListMap
KDirLister * xdgMenuLister
KDirWatch * xdgMenuWatch

Detailed Description

Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>

Definition at line 53 of file menuhandler.h.

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